From a very young age, founder Chelsie Cahoon knew that she 
never wanted to drink or do drugs. It wasn’t because of any traumatic events that had happened in her life.. she just simply knew that she didn’t want to ever partake in such activities and made a vow to herself that she never would. To her, the idea of consuming something that could potentially harm or affect her body wasn’t something that she ever wanted to be a part of, although she would never judge someone who did decide to choose that lifestyle. She wanted to break the stigma that sober people are judgmental because there are many people in sobriety who love all!

Aside from her values in regards to a straight-edge lifestyle, music also became a huge passion at a young age. She found that not only is music extremely enjoyable but it is also a way to soothe one in times of stress or despair. Music quickly became a way of life and as she got older concerts and festivals became a second home. At many of these events, drug usage is very high but it never once stopped her from doing what she loved because regardless of that she loves people for who they are, not what they do, and music is the reason why we all come together.

15 years later (and over 100 concerts later) at the age of 26, she has managed to stay true to her commitment on sobriety and has learned to truly embrace the lifestyle she has chosen. Over the past few years of not knowing what she really wanted out of life, it hit her in an instant. She realized that she could potentially make an impact on those who may be struggling with addiction in the music community simply by showing them the alternative... her way of life. She also saw it as an opportunity to connect music lovers everywhere because whether you use substances or not, music is what unites us ALL. It would be a 100% judgment-free brand that wouldn’t aim to attack others for their habits but simply show others that her lifestyle is possible. It would be to show the world that the pure beauty of music is enough and does not require anything extra. Her Instagram bio read “Music is my drug” and even though she questioned what she wanted to name her company, she eventually went with her gut feeling.. and Music Is The Drug was born. After thinking up her brand and realizing a well-respected DJ named Bassnectar (who also supports a healthy, sober lifestyle) already had a song with the same name, she knew she had definitely chosen the most fitting name possible. Now the mission is ever so clear and a beautiful journey of traveling the world to spread love and inspiration to all is taking place. Let’s create a positive ripple TOGETHER 💜